Boomerang: A Crime Novel

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There is only one witness but other than that nothing else to go on. No child has been reported missing. Was this an abduction?

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Is there a crime? Detective Bart Moy, recently returned to Guilderton to look after his father, begins his investigation that quickly leads nowhere. Moy is haunted by the loss of his own son and is determined not to let the this case go. But at the same time wonders if he can make any difference. Stephen Orr plots this novel brilliantly. He has your doubting and questioning events in tandem with Moy who is struggling at being a decent cop and he knows it yet needs to solve this case.

You get glimpses of the man he was before he returned to Guilderton but at the same time knows it is impossible for that part of him to return. Harrowing yet hopeful this is a reflective a crime novel where finding the case is as important as solving it.

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Buy the book here…. Dunbar, who lives in Nashville, answered questions from Chapter 16 via email. When I was growing up, it seemed like there were a number of stories of children who were kidnapped and then were found and returned many years later. I was always fascinated by the psychology of that. How would they adapt? How would the families and friends who had been searching for them? In most cases, those situations were very tragic, but I started to wonder what would happen if the child in question actually left by choice and found a family that they believed suited them better.

Chapter 16 : I remember those stories, too, and they always seemed to end when the child returned home. You made the interesting choice to start your story at the return instead. How did you manage the delicate balance of revealing enough to keep the reader satisfied while still holding back enough to keep them going? Did that take a lot of tweaking? Dunbar : In all honesty, I tend to write out of order but tell my stories linearly.

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